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Who am I to think I know anything?

Favorite Series

Marvel's Jessica Jones
Spoiler Alert - Well, I liked the overall storyline. I thought it was a really good story, and I enjoyed watching it. A few issues however that I did not like.. Why would they do Malcolm like that? Man, I liked him with Jessica. The waaay bigger issue here is the way they did Trish. Like wow, she was power OBSESSED. She went out of her mind for a good portion of the episodes. Then after she whines and goes mental, she actually GETS powers at the end? Fuck that. I liked Trish before, but now? Not
Midnight, Texas
I like this as well.
This looks really promising.
Blood Drive
Well.. this is.. this is something. I think I like it. Wtf?
The 100
Oh fuck yes. S4 finale set up some very good things. S5 will be very interesting, can't wait.
American Gods Season 1 Episode 2
"It's a shame. You're my only black friend." HA
The Last Kingdom
Man, I hope they continue making new seasons. Definitely one of my favorite series.
American Gods
Hell yeah, I'm interested.
Arrow Season 5 Episode 17
Now THAT was a good episode
The Flash Season 3 Episode 17
I'm not one to complain. but this made me cringe so hard.
Into the Badlands
I don't much like the MK story line, but whatever.
Marvel's Iron Fist
Just as good as the other marvel shows.
Marvel's Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 3
Oliver queen or lightning mcqueen? lmao
The Last Kingdom
Love this show
The Last Kingdom
Love this show
Each new episode blows my fucking mind, I love this shit.
Each new episode blows my fucking mind, I love this shit.
Each new episode blows my fucking mind, I love this shit.
Each new episode blows my fucking mind, I love this shit.
Each new episode blows my fucking mind, I love this shit.
Each new episode blows my fucking mind, I love this shit.
Each new episode blows my fucking mind, I love this shit.
You can't be serious, wtf was that ending?!
Taken (2017)
Nicely done.
Taboo (2017)
I have a use for you.
Mary Kills People
I enjoy the numerous situations that borders "right", and "wrong". Very subjective ethics going on here.
Whoah, that was a.. mind adventure, for the first episode. I like this a lot. I can't wait for the next episodes. I don't know what movie the people below me are speaking of, but this in itself, with no comparison to anything, is a show worthy of watching.
Timeless (2016)
beka I signed it, why not.
The Expanse
Soo happy it's back
I like this
wtf happened between ep 8 and 9?
I like it
About time, damn.
Glad it's back
Emerald City
Oh yes, I'm finding this very entertaining.
Taboo (2017)
Very nice. I had to go to the sister website to watch it, for there are no links on this one, but I enjoyed it.
Emerald City
I thought the first episode was nice, I'm sure I'll be watching all the others as well.
Not too shabby.
Oooh I like this.
Fuck this, Ragnar can't be dead. He's my favorite. FUCK.
Shoot the Messenger
I didn't think I'd like this series, I kept seeing episodes coming out, though I never cared to watch them. However, I'm more than halfway through the episodes, and it's a pretty nice series actually.
The OA
Finished season 1.. I'm so confused.. If anyone else finished this series, message me what you think about the last episode.
The OA
For anyone interested, I just watched the first episode. It really fascinated me. I don't know if this fascination will last, but venture on I will.
After watching the first episode.. strange. Though it's not bad. We'll see how it goes from here.
Oh shite. I like this very much.
I liked the first episode, I think I'll like the rest as well.
The Shannara Chronicles
Season 2 comes out 2017 catlady
The Flash
Say what now? The god of speed?
The Walking Dead
Negan OWNS Rick's ass. He's like a fucking pet. It's sad and demeaning to Rick's character. I can't wait until they rise up against the saviors. I'm going to assume that king ezekiel will eventually team up with rick, and together they will take down negan. (Hopefully.)
Bernard WHAT?
Channel Zero Season 1 Episode 5
What in the fuckity fuck
Who wants to be king?
Channel Zero
agentspy, I'm curious to know what you think of this series so far
Travelers (2016)
Surprisingly interesting. I wonder how the next episodes will be.
Van Helsing Season 1 Episode 5
Well that ended abruptly.
The Exorcist
I love this show. I need more.
Falling Water
Channel Zero
Jesus Christ what in the hell is this, lol. Super strange, I love it.
That was so peculiar. Though I'm drawn to this show now.
Van Helsing
I'm really into this show.
Van Helsing Season 1 Episode 2
Nice episode, I knew this series wouldn't be bad
Van Helsing Season 1 Episode 1
I happen to very much like this show

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